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A-dec 400 marries form and function for less complexity and more style at
a beautiful price. Instead of sacrificing ergonomic access to the oral cavity
for patient comfort, have both.

The A-dec 400 chair has an extensive range of colours to choose from in both
the seamless and sewn options.

Left/right versatility, true ambidextrous configuration to accommodate varied doctor preferences.

The deluxe touchpad has functions to operate the chair, dental light, cuspidor, handpieces and a range of other devices.

The ultra slim back and headrest and low base point allows the doctor, regardless of height, to work comfortably

Equipment surrounding the A-dec 400 Chair comes in a wide range of choices (monitor mount,
cuspidor, dental lights etc.) so you can configure it to meet your needs with no compromise on
efficiency and ergonomics



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