Revamping your existing dental practice can be an extensive project with a variety of considerations. Clinic function is going to top the list for any practitioner, but efficient use of the practice space will also ensure both patients and the staff benefit greatly from the redesign.

Usually, our clients want to maximise their existing space and make it more functional. At Dental Concepts, we take a few extra steps and make sure surgery rooms and dental practices are on-par with the latest trends in design and dental technology.

We’ve put together the top 5 things to remember when you’re designing your dental practice!

1. Choosing a look and feel

Let’s be real. People often dread going to the dentist. This innate fear multiplies when they step into an outdated and dreary dental practice. Keeping your dental practice’s design modern, but within reason is a great approach to take to eliminate such preconceived notions.

Of course, your location will depend on the type of practice that you’re designing. Higher socioeconomic areas demand high-end clinics and often sophisticated furnishings, minimal aesthetics, glass panels with a ‘day-spa’ feel are utilised in this setting. Be sure to choose a look and feel that suits your target audience as well as your location.

2. Bring originality to your practice

Often clinics have the same look and feel to them. They’ll use ceiling tiles, some sort of vinyl flooring, white paint and blue vinyl on the furniture. This is all well and good for healthcare clinics from the 1980s, but it’s the 21st century and to remain at the forefront of the industry, your design will need to do the same. Take Dr Leong and Dr McCarthy for example, hailing from Sydney’s inner west, they procured a local graffiti artist to construct a mural in their hallway, bringing a bit of Newtown into the practice.

3. Compare your quotes

Designing and building a dental practice is much the same as anything else you do when it comes to construction. Getting multiple quotes is going to ensure that you’re getting the best value for money, especially when some builders or fit-out specialists may or may not be experts in the healthcare field. Ensuring that whoever you choose to carry out the work is skilled in dentistry regulations, should mean that you have no problems with the project.

Furthermore, it’s always advised that you contacting a reference and visit a completed site that has built with the builder to ensure the quality and reliability of the final product

4. Think long term

Designing a space that only passes for “acceptable” in today’s competitive environment, probably won’t age well. Building for the future is often overlooked by practitioners building or renovating their dental practice.

Keep it simple and keep it clean. A mood board can be a great way to flesh out ideas and brainstorm with planners and builders.

5. How will your practice deliver the best patient and employee experience?

Patient experience is a term which is probably said more in the dental industry than any other field. While doctors are (obviously) concerned about the quality of their patient care, they’re often not aware of how the patient feels when they’re at the practice. Don’t forget that customer and patient experience differ, so be sure to do your due diligence when designing so that patient experience is one of the top priorities.

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