Are you ready for the new year?

Are you ready for the new year?
January 20, 2022 Scott White

If you’re thinking about 2022 resolutions to improve your health, practice, or career, you aren’t alone. In Australia, we’re increasingly embracing the idea of a fresh start in the new year, with the number of people making resolutions growing by 10% in just the last two years.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to be discouraged when thinking about resolutions. After all, many people say they weren’t successful in achieving their goals for 2021. But the truth is, failure to meet those goals isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s common for work commitments, family, and life to get in the way, all things which are vital to our wellbeing.

With extreme pressure on setting resolutions in any ordinary year, it’s no surprise that, in 2022, the task seems even more monumental. Given the global pandemic and the challenges and uncertainty that have come with it, it may be tempting to forgo new resolutions.

But don’t be discouraged.

If we approach resolutions differently, whether they’re self- or practice-oriented, we can find the joy in reaching our goals again and inspire others along the way. At Dental Concepts, we’ve found that a sustainable and holistic approach that integrates your goals into your daily life makes it easier to keep resolutions on track.

I will improve my fitness

The warm weather and sunny skies around the new year can help with this. Start by going for a relaxing walk or a heart-pumping run after work. Invite a friend along to share the experience with you.

Although we usually think of “getting fit” as exercising more, you can enhance your overall fitness by improving your health at work as well.

Long hours spent working in a seated position can affect the spine, muscles and nerves in the neck back and limbs – often a result of poor working posture. Using an ergonomically designed stool and receiving training on how to use that stool correctly can make a big difference to your seated posture. See more information here.

Ergonomics can have a significant impact in dentistry, from the health of practitioners to the patient experience. The dental stool is just one way to improve your health at work. Lighting, patient chair height and cabinetry design are other examples of how your ergonomics in the treatment room can be improved.

I will learn something new

We’re always learning, whether or not we plan to. However, setting a specific intention to increase your knowledge can really advance your professional development in the year to come.

There are many, varied ways to improve your knowledge and learn something new that can benefit you, your practice, and your patients. Here are some ideas:

  • Communication with your patients. Take the time to learn ‘how’ to communicate recommended procedures with your patients, and how software/equipment can increase your acceptance rate
  • Enrol in a course (Surgical procedures, Relative Analgesia, etc) and implement them in your practice
  • Explore endodontic treatment methods and invest in tools and equipment to increase the offerings in your practice

I will be more organised

If you’ve witnessed the Marie Kondo effect, you might be inspired to organise your home and office. There’s usually somewhere that disorganisation has seeped into a busy practice, and with a lot going on, it’s easy to avoid tidying up the junk room or reordering your consumables.

Getting even the small things organised can get you and your staff off on the right foot for the new year. We also know that the most challenging part is usually just getting started. So, here are some common areas to get started:

  • Stocktake your instruments and handpieces and check if repairs or replacements are needed
  • Create a simple organisation system for your equipment consumables (Pulijet, Pulse Cleaner, antifoaming tablets, filters, ICX waterline treatment tablets, etc.) and ensure everything is within expiry
  • Book upcoming routine maintenance of your equipment.
  • Check due dates for certifications and add them to your calendar

Are you setting your sights on business growth?

When it comes to growing your practice, investing in various areas plays an important part. There are so many benefits to investing in your business. With government incentives, income boosters, and low financing rates, now might be the perfect time to put extra money back into your practice.

There are many options for investing in your business, and no matter what route you choose, your clients and staff will love the improved experience. A few examples include:

  • Replace or up-grade that equipment that really needs it
  • Invest in new technology like a CBCT that could transform your practice and offer your patients more treatment options.
  • Upgrading your chairs to A-Dec 500s for patient comfort and practitioner health.
  • Investing in extra staff training and development

Or is 2022 the year you create your dream practice?

A dream dental practice isn’t built in a day. Of course, you could do a total renovation, or you might want to undertake an expansion or redesign to meet your evolving needs. This could include:

  • Upgrading reception areas to reflect your quality of service better
  • Improving the functionality of critical areas
  • Expanding existing spaces
  • Modernise your furnishings

Let 2022 be your year

While it may be hard to see right now, there is optimism to be found in the months ahead. With many giving up their goals in the face of COVID, you can be just one step, or even a mile ahead, by committing to a resolution for the year.

As a dental practitioner, you have more reasons than most to look forward with optimism. In the face of a pandemic, Australians are paying more attention to their health and wellbeing, and they want to take precautions when it comes to their health—including dental. With exciting new advances in technology, improvements in software, and ongoing research into patient-centred dentistry, 2022 is a year full of opportunity.

So, regardless of what resolution you set for yourself, you can be confident that you’ll meet your goals when you take an integrative approach. With that confidence and motivation, you can continue to positively impact your staff and patients throughout the next year and beyond.