Experienced dental nurse, Mirian (“Mimi”) Ramos, has used just about every autoclave made – including hospital sterilisers – in addition to working for a dentist since she was a teenager. As such she is in a good position to judge the features of the latest W &H Lisa VA steriliser that was recently installed at brand new Sydney practice, Dental House Gladesville, where she now works. Mirian said she was particularly impressed with the simplified colour touchpad and dedicated B Cycles, plus the built-in traceability features of the new Lisa YA.

“The new Lisa is excellent and the way technology is developing is making life a lot easier,” Mirian said. “The way the Lisa and LisaSafe printer print out pouch labels for traceability is really efficient compared to in the past when you have had to hand write everything. “I also like the password feature so you know who has released the load, which puts extra responsibility on the nurse
to check that the instruments are prop­erly sterilised by ensuring the chemical indicators have changed colour and the instruments are dry.

“Also if the cycle faults because of a power failure for example, the Lisa will show if the cycle has been unsuccessful and you have to reprocess it. Of course, this is very rare in a new machine, but with an older machine, which may need recalibrating, it is a useful backup.” Mirian has also noticed that the new model Lisa VA is much quicker than earlier sterilisers and was capable of completing a B cycle in 30-45 minutes, which was significantly faster than other units she had used in the past. The Lisa has the ability to self-monitor and captures all cycle parameters such as ti me, steam pressure and temperature on the inbuilt data logger and will only produce BC! (batch control identifica­tion) bar code labels if the cycle has completed successfully. However, Mirian says the steri nurse should, as a matter of course, check that pouches or chemical indicators have

changed colour and that the instruments are dry at the end of the cycle before releasing the load. She also runs a Helix test at the begin­ning of the day, a weekly vacuum test and a Bowie Dick test if required. All instruments at Dental House Gladesville are pouched and processed using the Universal 134 B cycle so that saturated steam comes in contact with the instruments for the required time. The Lisa is the only steam vacuum steriliser with an air detector, which ensures that saturated steam reaches the lumens of all hollow instruments and is recommended for all practices that are committed to ADA Infection Control Guidelines and Australian Standards for infection control and traceability of instruments in the dental practice. Lisa VA is available from A-dee. Call l800-225-010 or visit www.a-dec.com.