A-dec 500

A-dec 500

A-dec 500

Superior Patient Experience. Optimal Access.

The A-dec 500 dental chair provides gentle, supportive comfort that puts your patients at ease for a positive experience that sets you apart.

It ensures patient comfort even during long procedures.

It also allows you to get close enough to the patient to maintain a healthy posture, preventing pain and discomfort.


Key Features

Thin, flexible backrest.
The ultra-thin back allows you to work in a comfortable position – legs under the patient, elbows at your side.

Double-articulating, gliding headrest.
Access angles can make the difference between a long day and a good day. The headrest adjusts on the fly with the press of a lever for an optimal view of the oral cavity.

Ergonomic baseplate design.
Flip the patient chair armrests out of the way, and the shape of the baseplate allows you (and your team) to roll in closer to the patient and work in a comfortable, natural position.

Sturdy, multi-position armrests.
Supports patient weight when they need it, and moves out of the way when they don’t.

Toeboard tilt.
When the dental chair reclines, the toeboard imperceptibly raises a full 9” for a gentle cradling effect. All your patient feels is relaxed.

Low base-down point.
Allows the doctor, regardless of height, to work comfortably.

60º swivel with brake.
Allows 30º rotation on each side of the center.

Delivery Systems

Traditional Delivery System:
Integrated and Streamlined

With left- and right-handed positioning and an easy, wide range of handpiece and ancillary placement options, the A-dec 500 Traditional delivery system keeps it clean and simple.

Continental Delivery System:
All Around Ergonomic Comfort

Get unsurpassed ergonomics. Handpieces—even electrics—feel light. Eliminates pull-back on the handpiece resulting in less fatigue. Easily retrieve and return handpieces and other instruments without taking your focus away from the oral cavity.

Primea Advanced Air. Power Like an Electric. Light as Air.

Integrated as an option exclusively on the new A-dec 500 delivery system, Primea Advanced Air from W&H is the world’s first air high-speed handpiece with an adjustable bur speed and constant removal rate−even with increasing pressure

Adjustable Bur Speed

You regulate the speed. The Primea Advanced Air high-speed handpiece can be set to a value between 60,000 and 320,000 rpm.

With one handpiece, you can now efficiently cover the entire range of high-speed procedures: effortless opening of cavities, easy cutting of crowns and bridges, quick and safe removal of old filings, and precise finishing of preparation margins.

Constant Removal Rate

With the award-winning Advanced Air technology, loss of speed is a thing of the past.

A sensor in the head of the handpiece constantly measures the actual rotation speed of the bur on the tooth, immediately adjusting the air supply to maintain maximum treatment efficacy at all times.

Primea Advanced Air High-Speed Handpieces

Lightweight air-driven handpieces with power like an electric.

Additional Primea Advanced Air features:

  • Optimal view with Ring LED+ (Primea 500)
  • Perfect cooling with 5x spray
  • Two operating modes: Torque Mode (provides immediate high torque as soon as the bur is loaded) and Tactile Mode (provides a softer ramp-up to high torque when the bur is loaded)
  • Small head for maximum access
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Superior tactile feedback with quiet operation
  • Scratch-resistant coating


Adec 572 LED Light

The A-dec 500 LED dental light improves your ability to see inside the oral cavity and provides unparalleled ergonomics.

It delivers higher illumination to maximize vision from any position. The high colour rendering index enables you to see colours accurately for better tissue diagnosis. The innovative cure-safe mode provides rich 25,000 lux without premature curing.

Designed to meet the ergonomic needs of the dental team, the A-dec 500 LED dental light positions easily and comfortably. The advanced lighting design minimizes shadowing and provides proper contrast to help reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Adec 500 Monitor Mount

A-dec chairside monitor mount solutions bring the monitor closer to the patient. So during patient consultations you’ll be able to clearly communicate oral health deficiencies and explain treatment procedures, increasing case acceptance.

The Dual pivot arm includes pre-routed HDMI and power cables. Support side monitor mount swivels 430 degrees and pivots up to 85 degrees to accommodate viewing from the seated and supine positions.