Curaprox Interdental Brush Refill Pack (x8) – Pack of 10

Curaprox Interdental Brush Refill Pack (x8) – Pack of 10

Curaprox Interdental Brush Refill Pack (x8) – Pack of 10



The interdental secret.

Super-fine, extra-long, ultra-resilient filaments.

Gentle and effective cleaning with a single-brush action.

Environmentally friendly refill pack.

Curaprox interdental refill pack comes with eight interdental brush heads.

Box of 10.

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Curaprox ‘Click System’

Curaprox have created a click system to allow easy interchanging of brush heads. This environmentally friendly approach results in reduction of plastic waste by replacing just the brushes, allowing patients to reuse their handle. This system also makes interdental brushing easier by being able to swap the brush head onto a holder that best suits you.

Curaprox  Click System

Why do we actually need interdental brushes?

Normal brushes can only reach two thirds of a tooth’s surface. Toothbrushes clean the outsides, insides and tops of the teeth. But what about the sides of the teeth and the gum line between the teeth? They cannot be reached by any toothbrush and often not even by dental floss. This can lead to caries of the side teeth, inflammation and the development of periodontitis. Preventing this however is easy: dentists recommend cleaning the interdental spaces once a day to remove plaque between the teeth.

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The critical areas are inaccessible not only for toothbrushes but usually even for dental floss. Dental floss stretches over the concave areas that need cleaning. However, dental floss can be highly suitable for the front teeth.

Interdental brushes with bristles that are too short. Failing to fill the space, they have little or no effect. Gum inflammation takes its course – and can turn into periodontitis.

Correct: A CPS prime fills the gap between the teeth completely, removing plaque from all the critical niches and the gum line – gently and effectively in a single cleaning movement.

Curaprox handy interdental refill pack comes with 8 environmentally friendly CPS refill brushes.

Pack of 10

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Blue – CPS 06 (0.6mm – 2.2mm), Red – CPS 07 (0.7mm – 2.5mm), Pink – CPS 08 (0.8mm – 3.2mm), Yellow – CPS 09 (0.9mm – 4.0mm), Green – CPS 011 (1.1mm – 5.0mm), Mixed (0.6mm – 5.0mm)