Turbo Smart A

Turbo Smart A

Turbo Smart A

Smart Performance. Intelligent Efficiency

Turbo SMART is a semi-wet suction system with inverter control. It is our most powerful suction system for its compact size. Amalgam retention is optional with our SMART Suction range.

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Smart Performance. Intelligent Efficiency


Inverter control optimises performance and efficiency. The principle is simple: the inverter is an electronic control that can vary the speed and therefore the output of the suction motor. It adjusts the power used to suit the actual requirements of the clinic – no more, no less.

SMART by name, smart by nature

Traditional suction motors have a fixed speed that makes them notoriously inefficient: when just a small number of chairs are in use, the motor’s energy consumption remains constantly high. But Cattani SMART suction motors always know what’s going on in the surgeries, thanks to inverter technology, and adjust performance accordingly.

Inverter Control is the pinnacle of Cattani engineering

The Cattani Italy team has the design and engineering nous to build anything but they are single-minded in their ambition to make better suction and compressed air equipment for dentists – that has always been the company’s primary aim. The use of inverter technology in dental is perhaps their finest achievement to date.

Built-in redundancy keeps you running

Thanks to inverter technology, installing parallel SMART suction systems and have them “talk” to each other is a simple exercise. This way, you can expand clinic capacity easily and at the same time introduce built-in redundancy, or back-up, to ensure the clinic keeps running no matter what.

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