A-Dec 300

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The affordable option

Stylish and compact.  The A-dec 300 is a complete system that fits both small spaces and conservative budgets.  With a robust design, great access and minimal maintenance.

Key Features

  • Robust, streamlined design. Superior integration. Great access. With A-dec 300 you get exceptional performance in a reliable system at an affordable price.
  • The control head is compact and can be optioned up to incorporate integrated ancillaries.
  • The deluxe touchpad has functions to operate the chair, dental light, cuspidor, handpieces and a range of other devices.
  • The A-dec 300 comes with a choice of 3 upholstery styles. The deluxe sewn upholstery or seamless with option of double articulating headrest or patient neck support

Upholstery Colours

The A-dec 300 chair has an extensive range of colours to choose from in both the seamless and sewn options.

Available Downloads