A-Dec 500

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Stylish, ergonomic, efficient

In a world that demands flexibility, A-dec gives you a complete solution without a single compromise based on decades of collaboration with dentists worldwide.

Key Features

  • Features such as an ultra-thin backrest for superior access and outstanding patient comfort using pressure point ergonomics.
  • Complete integration of handpieces, digital technology and an intuitive touch pad that provides a single point of control at your fingertips.
  • The deluxe touchpad has functions to operate the chair, dental light, cuspidor, handpieces and a range of other devices. It also has the capability to be programmed for two operators.
  • Equipment surrounding the A-dec 500 Chair comes in a wide range of choices so you can configure it to meet your needs with no compromise on efficiency and ergonomics.

Upholstery Colours

The A-dec 500 chair has an extensive range of colours to choose from in both the seamless and sewn options.

Available Downloads