Hand Piece Maintenance

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Assistina 301P

Protect Your Handpieces!

Instruments maintained with the W&H Assistina have a considerably longer working life which results in substantially reduced servicing and repair costs. It is simple, safe and cost-reducing.

NSK iCare

Automatically cleans and lubricates

Simultaneously cleans and lubricates 4 handpieces in a 90 second cycle

  • Automatic preset solution volume
  • Thorough internal cleaning and lubrication
  • Chuck cleaning function
  • Purging select mode removes excess oil
  • Integrated large 1.2L oil tank – enough for 5,000 cycles

Available in 2 configurations:
iCare2 – 2 standard ports and 2 rotation ports
iCare3 – 1 Standard port and 3 rotation ports

Assistina 3×3

Clean inside, clean outside

Perfect cleaning inside and outside. Now you can concentrate on what is really important: your patients. The fully automatic Assistina 3×3 takes over the time-consuming process of preparing straight and contra-angle handpieces and turbines for sterilisation.

Validated process in three steps
The instrument preparation with Assistina 3×3 is carried out in three steps. The complete process is validated and confirmed by expert opinion.

 W&H Assistina TWIN

Thorough, comprehensive oil Service


  • Easy operation
  • Instrument maintenance in just 10 seconds
  • Non-stop loading through two process chambers that can be used alternately
  • Assistina TWIN Care Set sufficient for reprocessing up to 2,800 instruments
  • Active suction of aerosols with integrated HEPA filter
  • Wide range of adaptors

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