Motors & Couplings NSK

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NLX Nano Electric Motor:

NLX nano has been designed to minimize weight and size to improve the balance of instrument and motor in the hand of the clinician, reducing fatigue during prolonged procedures. Despite its small size and light weight, the NLX nano is as powerful as traditional micromotors and offers a wider range of speeds. 2000 – 40,000min-1.

Ti Max X205L Air Motor

Made shorter and lighter for unsurpassed balance.

  • Shorter and lighter than previous models
  • 360° Swivel with LED illumination (32,000 LUX)
  • Titanium body with scratch-resistant DURACOAT

NSK LED Coupling

All you need is an NSK LED coupling!
Advantages of using LED:

  • Clearer – natural daylight quality light
  • Durable – LED light is longer lasting and more durable than halogen bulbs

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