Prophy & Scalers

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W&H Proxeo

Professional tooth cleaning is an effective method of preventing plaque deposits from forming, giving your patients a beaming smile.  With Proxeo, W&H offers a compact, easy to handle solution, which makes it even easier to give your patients what they want.

Key Features

  • Flexible and fast
  • Long lifespan as a result of the unique sealing systems
  • Low maintenance and hygiene friendly
  • Small head for free visability
  • Efficient cleaning assured by using optimum speeds
  • Ergonomic shape

Ultrasonic Scalers

Integrate your EMS or Satelec Scaler into you’re a-dec dental chair or consider a bench top model from the range available. Dental Concepts supply the full range of tips for both EMS and Satelec scalers, see our consumable catalogue for more information and pricing.


FX57m’s head incorporates NSK’s original and exclusive dust proof mechanism known as the Paste Defence System. This system prevents polishing paste debris from entering the hand piece, and the DLC coating on the rotor prevents breakage caused by surface abrasions from the polishing paste. These features help to significantly extend the life of the hand piece.