Are You Thinking of Starting or Expanding Your Dental Office?

Are You Thinking of Starting or Expanding Your Dental Office?
January 17, 2020 admin

Starting or expanding a dental office relies primarily on providing an excellent patient experience. Medical practices flourish when a team of qualified practitioners and experienced professionals come together to create effective and healing experiences.
Dental Concepts helps dental practices grow with dental surgery design and construction services covering everything from design to delivery of the space.

Create a vision

To build your dream practice, you must develop a vision. Start with finding experienced equipment dealers, medical or dental fit-out specialists, and a financial consultant who can help you asses the need for services in your area. A demographic analysis of the proposed location will shed light on valuable data pertaining to population, age demographic, housing costs, and other factors.

Location, location, location

Finding a location that is both well priced and in an excellent geographical location is tough. A commercial real estate agent’s job is to help people in your position. They will help you locate the appropriate facility and along with someone like Dental Concepts, will help you decide if space is adequate for your proposed dream. Having a specialist dental fit-out team on your side will make your life much more comfortable. Of course, if you’re already settled in your current location, modernising your current office is the way to go. Dental Concepts has transformed more practices than we can count. Our clients appreciate that from design, to fit out, to equipment installation and certification, it’s all done in house, by us. This means that we have strict control over the timeline and budget of such fit-outs.

Plan ahead!

Proper planning with your professional team will make the journey of turning your vision into a reality much smoother and also a much more enjoyable experience. Some of our recent projects show just how big a difference a practice renovation can make, which leaves customers feeling like they’re cared for and the professionals they see want to provide a better service. Happy customers equate to more (free) marketing via word of mouth, which means more revenue and more growth. Customers who feel relaxed and cared for by their dental specialists are far more likely to return than those who think they are just a number and not a patient.

Whatever your desire when it comes to renovating or creating, Dental Concepts can help transform any space from average into award-winning. With the right team of experts in your corner, starting or expanding a dental practice is nothing to be scared of. As long as all boxes are ticked along the way, finances are accurately accounted for, and your team is trusted and experienced, turning a dream into a reality is what Dental Concepts loves to do.

We are dedicated to helping your practice fulfil its potential, and we collaborate with our clients every step of the way, always ensuring that our customers are delighted with the outcome. If you want to have a chat about what Dental Concepts can do for your dental practice, call us today on 08 8177 0600 or contact us via our website.