Analysing the financial health of your dental practice is a good time to look at the hidden costs adversely impacting your profits.

1. Ongoing Maintenance
When your dental equipment isn’t working efficiently, neither is your team. Equipment that’s constantly breaking down or out of service cuts into profits. The very last thing you want is to have to cancel appointments or skip procedures because your equipment is not working. A-dec’s legendary reliability has seen it named “Best in Class” in USA’s annual Dental Town awards as voted by dentists for an incredible 15 years in a row. This honour includes A-dec patient chairs, delivery systems, dental cabinetry, dental stools and operatory lights.

2. Patient Perceptions
Growing your patient list is top of mind for increasing profits. But what about how patients (current or potential) feel when they visit your dental practice? Environment drives perception. If your surgery is dated compared to the one with state-of-the-art equipment down the road, it’s hard to compete and patients may go elsewhere. A-dec’s attractive, modern patient chairs project comfort and reassurance, providing a superior patient experience.

3. Workplace health
The most common injuries in dentistry (chronic neck and back pain, tendonitis, pinched nerves, injured discs in the neck and lower back, or carpal tunnel) develop slowly over time. If not addressed, they become debilitating and career-ending. The only way to avoid injury is by selecting dental equipment designed around superior ergonomic positioning. Equipment that places everything at the fingertips allows you to sit properly and work comfortably. This decreases stress and fatigue and increases overall productivity for years of profitable practice.

4. Ownership Costs (TCO)
Choosing between competing products is challenging. A-dec makes it simple with a range of chairs and superior backup so you can’t go wrong. Always add up the total cost of the equipment beyond the purchase price and factor in availability of parts and service. The major component that separates superior quality and true value from low quality is referred to as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The cost of ownership concept is truly about value—not just the product, but also the value of a customer’s time and your productivity: Acquisition cost + Maintenance cost ÷ Product life (in years) = TCO

5. Zero = Zero

Whether it’s physical discomfort and exhaustion or dental equipment that’s out of service waiting for parts means lost patient time. Zero patients in the dental surgery generate zero revenue.

6. Product Lifespan
Not all are equipment brands are equal. A-dec equipment is designed to last and is well known for its reliability. A-dec dental chairs are tested for a minimum 20-year life: others may only last 10-15 years or even less before they require major repairs. When you amortize the cost over the number of years of service, your Total Ownership Costs on high-quality products are lower in the long term.