Curaprox Perio+ Focus Gel (10ml) – 12 Pack

Curaprox Perio+ Focus Gel (10ml) – 12 Pack

Curaprox Perio+ Focus Gel (10ml) – 12 Pack


Deal with inflammation directly.

Chlorhexidine concentration: 0.5%. Also features Hyaluronic Acid. Perio Plus + Focus is a gel that can be easily applied with pinpoint accuracy. Adheres well to the teeth, gums and oral mucosa – the tissue that lines the mouth.

Perio Plus+ Focus gel with CHX 0.5% and CITROX®/P formula.

10ml tube
12 Pack

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The most powerful antibacterial effect

Designed to provide intensive care to targeted areas of the oral cavity, Perio Plus+ Focus can be easily applied, preventing the build-up of bacterial plaque. As it contains HA, Perio Plus+ Focus also supports effective tissue regeneration post-oral surgery.

Perio Plus+ Focus Gel with CHX 0.5% and CITROX?/P formula (10 ml)

Active ingredients

?? Chlorhexidine 0.50%
?? Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
?? Xylitol
?? Polylysine

Application note

? Twice a day.
? Dab a small amount of the gel onto the affected area each morning and evening for three to seven days.
? Keep out of reach of children.

CHX plus nature

Dentists have been prescribing chlorhexidine for almost 70 years, and for good reason: it works. In addition to CHX digluconate, Perio Plus+ contains natural bioflavonoids extracted from bitter oranges (Citrus aurantium amara): CITROX?.

Even stronger effect

The bioflavonoids of CITROX? have powerful intrinsic antibacterial properties. CITROX? even enhances the antibacterial effect of CHX. Combining CITROX? and CHX digluconate, Perio Plus+ is proves to be exceptionally effective.

Introducing the CITROX?/P formula

CITROX? comes straight from nature. It is a natural bioflavonoid extracted from bitter oranges (Citrus aurantium amara) and is strongly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. To ensure it adheres well to the teeth, gums and oral mucosa for a long-lasting effect, it is combined with another natural ingredient ? polylysine amino acids ? to create the CITROX?/P formula.

Hyaluronic acid speeds things up

Hyaluronic acid is recommended especially after operations. It regulates moisture levels, promotes cell growth and speeds up regeneration. Some Perio Plus+ products therefore contain hyaluronic acid.


Only use Perio Plus+ or other CHX mouthwashes at your dentist’s recommendation. In normal circumstances, this product is not required ? toothbrushes and interdental brushes are sufficient for cleaning the teeth, gums and oral mucosa. Always follow the instructions of your dental specialist.