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Recommended by dental professionals for over 40 years

The world’s top dental professionals have recommended Curaprox for 40 years, and now the Swiss-made toothbrushes are available in Australia.

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Patient compliance – Sorted.

We all want the best for our patients’ health. Unfortunately most tooth care products don’t work as well as they should because 1) patients don’t use them often enough and 2) they fail to use the right technique.

Curaprox mitigates that risk by using innovative, ergonomic designs that make it almost impossible to brush badly, and bringing taste, colour and style back into patients’ oral health routines.

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As one of Australia’s leading provider of dental supplies and equipment, it’s our mission to support dentists in their efforts to improve oral health.

We’re the voice between equipment trends and technologies, and the practices who work so hard to help their patients.

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Better for your patients

  • Designed for low pressure and high coverage
    Curaprox toothbrushes and interdentals have been designed to clean hard-to-reach areas. Toothbrushes are equipped with thousands of ultra-fine CUREN® filaments which remove plaque without damaging teeth and gums.
  • Ingredients that fight bacteria, whiten and protect
    Curaprox products contain no alcohol or damaging ingredients. Instead, they use highly effective natural ingredients to whiten; protect teeth, gum and oral mucosa; and provide strong antibacterial effects.
  • Natural and environmentally friendly
    Our toothpastes use natural ingredients including Echinacea, bitter orange and devil’s claw extracts, while the mouthwash uses CITROX® (natural orange extract) to intensify protection. Curaprox interdentals use interchangeable brush heads to reduce wastage.
  • Makes oral hygiene fun
    Curaprox makes caring for teeth and gums way more exciting. Vibrant colour and flavour combinations, mouthwash that actually tastes nice and toothbrushes that feel great on gums makes sure your patients keep up with their oral health routine.

Better for your practice

  • Patient retention strategy
    Hugely popular and not available in supermarkets, Curaprox brings patients back to buy more – and book their next appointment while they’re there.
  • Improve patient compliance
    Curaprox looks better, tastes better and feels better – motivating patients to look after their teeth as regularly as they should be.
  • Get orders fast and hassle-free
    Dental Concepts has your favourite Curaprox products on-hand ready to ship, so that you receive your orders as fast as possible.
  • Customer support from dentist supply specialist
    We help dentists find the best available supplies for a successful practice. We’ll guide you in choosing the right products to suit your surgery’s needs.

We’re here to help you help your patients. Chat with our Curaprox expert today.