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Sterilisation can be easier than you think

Sterilisation can feel like one of the most fraught aspects of running a dental surgery. Whilst there’s no escaping the fact it’s essential, it’s often tedious, resource intensive and open to mistakes.

For over 30 years, Dental Concepts has been partnering with surgeries to take the pain out of the sterilisation process – turning it into an opportunity for major cost savings, reduced business risk and increased patient confidence.

Why dentists choose Dental Concepts

We are the voice between new trends and technologies and the hardworking practices improving their patients’ dental health. Between surgery design and fit-outs, supplying best-in-class equipment, and highly responsive servicing, we’re here to help you create a safer, more efficient and more profitable practice.

Our Sterilisation Products

Sterilisation Room Renovations

Simplify sterilisation from the floor up

The sterilisation room is one of the most important in the surgery. Designed well, it makes infection control safer, more efficient, and gives your patients confidence that you take it seriously.

Our sterilisation room renovations turn a cumbersome area into a streamlined, fit-for-purpose space, making your processes safe, easy and efficient for many years to come.

Built for longevity and infection control
We use high quality materials and seamless finishes, so that it remains compliant in the future.

Designed for efficiency
When we design, we take your sterilisation methods into account so we can help you streamline your processes and save time.

Setup for future growth
We ensure all services such as plumbing and data points are in place for the future, even if you don’t currently have the equipment to need them.



Best-in-Class Sterilisation Equipment

And the guidance to work out what you need

There are new technologies that automate many parts of the sterilisation process and free up your team, ultimately removing the need for a dedicated sterilisation nurse.

While you want the best available equipment, it sometimes feels risky trying new technology when you’re not sure exactly what you need and how to integrate it into your existing processes.

We will work with you closely to identify the equipment that will ensure compliance, be best for your patients and best serve your practice and staff.

Reduce operator injuries
Our thermal disinfectors remove the need for manual scrubbing, effectively reducing operator risk.

Increase efficiency
Some autoclaves use AI to improve efficiency in every part of the sterilisation process – from routine test reminders, to adapting cycle times to the load mass.

Traceability down to the individual instrument
Our autoclaves have individual instrument traceability, for seamless integration without any additional software or computers.

Dedicated Service Team

Supporting you every step of the way

Whilst the right equipment makes sterilisation easy, if it’s not used properly or stops working it’s highly problematic.

We mitigate this risk with our trusted service team. From installation, to handover, to the fastest servicing in the industry – they make sure you’re using your new equipment confidently from the start, and have your back if anything goes wrong.

Seamless setup and training
All sterilisation equipment includes installation by one of our qualified technicians, and a comprehensive handover to train your staff in how to use it.

Remove risk of downtime
If your equipment stops, your clinic doesn’t have to. We’ll be out within hours to repair your equipment and will rent you a replacement so you can keep running.

Comprehensive after-sales support
We offer fixed-price service contracts to keep everything running smoothly. This includes regular maintenance, and training new staff to use the equipment.

Sterilisation doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming.


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