Get your Dental Equipment Service Ready – Routine Maintenance for Your Clinic

Get your Dental Equipment Service Ready – Routine Maintenance for Your Clinic
April 21, 2020 admin

With widespread disruption around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a mandatory restriction for dentists to put down their tools while the virus spreads. With healthcare providers closing their doors across the country, it’s important to understand the impact that this will have on dental equipment in the long-term. While keeping equipment serviced and routinely maintained is a necessity during usual work periods, the current situation has meant communicating with patients, ensuring employees are safe and well has taken precedence and the general day-to-day routine has been given a shake-up.

It is critical to understand that now is the time to perform routine maintenance for your clinic while there are no disruptions in order to ensure that your equipment is serviced and ready once our usual daily lives and workdays resume.

Usually, maintenance can result in downtime and an inability to run appointments as normal but prioritising this task now will minimise that worry down the track.

An important consideration for many of our clients, with all the news that is taking place, is the differences between closing your practice for an extended period of time and closing at the end of a normal workday. Most equipment requires a different approach to shutting down in order to ensure its longevity. Dental chairs, autoclaves, and suction motors are only a few on the list of equipment requiring specific shutdown procedures to safeguard against costly issues arising in the future.

When the time comes to re-open for business and normal trade, it is highly recommended that clinics take the extra time to check and test all of their equipment ahead of time. We know how difficult this period will be for many practices across the country, but there are steps that can be put in place to make the transition back to normal work life seamless and stress-free.

For further clarification, we would love to help. Our expert team is able to give you the information you need for each specific piece of equipment within your practice. Alternatively, contact us and book a ‘shutdown service’ in order to have a professional service technician to complete the necessary shutdown procedures for you. Not only is now the time to shut down your equipment accurately, but it is also the time to complete your annual equipment services leaving your practice in perfect condition to get back to what you do best as soon as possible.

Here at Dental Concepts, we still have a full-service team operating to ensure your equipment is ready to go when clients start walking through your doors again. Our service technicians are able to complete all required maintenance while still maintaining safe social distancing and hygiene practices. We are here to support you through this time and will do our best to play our part in keeping you informed on how we can assist you and your team.