W&H Assistina One

W&H Assistina One

W&H Assistina One

The ONE that speeds up MY daily operation

One-Touch Start Button

Fast Cycle Time of just 18 Seconds

Ready To Use Refill Cartridges

Quick Connect System

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The ONE for a new level of maintenance.

Assistina One is the first choice for maintaining dental transmission instruments, including handpieces, air motors and air scalers. The new generation of the W&H single-port device is equipped with the exceptional Quick Connect System for switching between handpieces. It can be easily adapted to individual needs and fits perfectly into every workflow

Designed for:

• Straight and contra-angle handpieces

• Turbines (except air-bearing turbines)

• Air motors

• Air-driven scalers

W&H Assistina One - Alldent


The ONE for perfect care

The entire lubrication and spray channel cleaning process only takes 18 seconds, making the Assistina One the fastest maintenance solution in its class. It only works with compressed air; no electric power supply is needed.

The unit is set up and ready to go in no time at all. Together with the one-touch start button and convenient cartridge management for refilling oil and cleaning liquids, the Assistina One is a modern maintenance solution for dental practices with high standards in handpiece care.

The thorough ONE

In fact, proper and professional maintenance plays an essential role in the longevity and value retention of handpieces. The maintenance unit ensures perfect care and performs the correct lubrication cycles crucial for the function and long service life of dental handpieces.

The Assistina One thoroughly lubricates all gear parts, cleans the spray channels properly and even dries the inner parts with compressed air.

The economical ONE

Handpiece care with the Assistina One is more cost-effective than manual lubrication or other systems.

The integrated automatic oil dispensing and smart process monitoring system always delivers the correct amount of oil, which makes the Assistina One extremely lucrative. More than 2,800 instruments can be maintained with just one Care Set, saving money, time, and oil spray cans. With maximum lubrication at minimum consumption, Assistina One is a highly economical solution

The convenient ONE

The Assistina One is tailored to the needs of those who work with it.

Different adaptors for high flexibility, intuitive design for convenient use and outstanding maintenance results: this new generation of a single-port maintenance solution takes the care of handpiece, motors and scalers to the new level.