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  • A-dec 300PRO Dental Chair

    Fits Today, Flexible Tomorrow.

    More functionality. More versatility. More forward-thinking design. We started with a modular, compact design and made it even better with enhanced features. Now enabled with A-dec+, the A-dec 300 Pro offers all the powerful performance you need for the way you practice today. With more possibilities for tomorrow
  • A dec 500 B 004

    A-dec 500

    Superior Patient Experience. Optimal Access.

    The A-dec 500 dental chair provides gentle, supportive comfort that puts your patients at ease for a positive experience that sets you apart.
    It ensures patient comfort even during long procedures.
    It also allows you to get close enough to the patient to maintain a healthy posture, preventing pain and discomfort.
  • A-dec 500PRO Dental Chair

    New Thinking. New Possibilities.

    Everything you’ve come to appreciate about the A-dec 500 dental chair, is now available with a new delivery. Enabled with A-dec+ and an updatable software platform, the A-dec 500 Pro delivery system supports your dental team with a new level of connection.
  • Adec 400 001
    Adec 400 002

    A-dec 400

    Smart. Versatile. Strong

    Instead of sacrificing ergonomic access to the oral cavity for patient comfort, have both with the A-dec 400 dental chair. Get robust construction, contemporary styling, and left/right versatility with a Radius delivery system.
    The key to productivity and career longevity is remaining comfortable while you work. This is why A-dec 400 is designed to keep your movement fluid and ergonomically aligned.

  • A dec 300 001
    A dec 300 002

    A-dec 300

    Compact. Sensible. Flexible.

    The A-dec 300 dental chair combines a robust design, great access, and minimal maintenance. Designed as a modular solution, A-dec 300 is a whole system that lets you pick and choose the features you want, within the price point you need.
    Pressure mapped, contoured surfaces and virtual pivot ensure a relaxed and supported patient experience. A dual-articulating headrest and ample shoulder support keeps patients resting comfortably.
    With your knees tucked under the ultra-thin, flexible backrest, you have excellent access to the oral cavity.