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Enzycal 1450

Enzycal 1450 75ml – 12 Pack

Enzycal 1450 75ml – 12 Pack

Enzycal 1450 75ml – 12 Pack


Mild is now truly strong.

Double protection against caries thanks to sodium fluoride and lactoperoxidase system.

High proportion of sodium fluoride: 1,450 ppm.

SLS-free formula.

Fresh Tasting.

Box of 12.

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? Lactoperoxidase system boosts saliva?s antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effect; this also supports the flow of saliva.

? SLS-free formula: gentle on the oral mucosa and protects against irritation ? and even helps combat mouth ulcers.?

? High proportion of sodium fluoride: 1,450 ppm.

? Suitable from the age of 12.

? RDA 60: moderate abrasiveness.


Enzycal toothpastes


Enzycal toothpastes support the protective function of the saliva and contain no aggressive substances. Instead of harmful substances, the? toothpastes contain the lactoperoxidase system with three enzymes that are already present in saliva ? this miracle fluid in oral hygiene can even repair dental enamel. The saliva with its protective and repair functions is further boosted by the lactoperoxidase system ? which also prevents mouth dryness. Enzycal toothpastes ensure healthy teeth, gums and mouth and taste just as mild as ever ? making it so mild that it even helps combat mouth ulcers.

Lactoperoxidase system

The enzymes in Enzycal toothpaste with their lactoperoxidase system boost saliva protection in a natural way: these enzymes are already present in saliva. Their task is to stabilise and substantially strengthen saliva?s antibacterial and remineralising functions. Enzymes and minerals such as fluoride ensure that teeth are protected against caries and gums against inflammation and are thus protected against periodontitis as a result.

With sodium fluoride

Fluoride strengthens the enamel, making it resistant to acids. In the process, fluoride even remineralises decalcified enamel. Fluoride restricts the growth of harmful plaque bacteria, thus preventing caries.


All Enzycal toothpastes are less abrasive. With an RDA value of 30, they clean extemely gently.

Pleasantly mild taste

Standard toothpastes have a strong flavour ? often so strong that your sense of taste is affected. Excessively strong essential flavour additives can even lead to irritations of the oral mucosa and in turn sometimes cause mouth ulcers. Enzycal toothpastes contain considerably fewer essential oils than standard toothpastes. Only enough to stay fresh-tasting without affecting taste.

Enzycal toothpastes