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Perio Plus+ Support Toothpaste 75ml- 12 Pack

Perio Plus+ Support Toothpaste 75ml- 12 Pack

Perio Plus+ Support Toothpaste 75ml- 12 Pack


Mild toothpaste, strong oral health.

Double protection against caries thanks to sodium fluoride and lactoperoxidase system.

Slightly reduced proportion of sodium fluoride: 950 ppm.

SLS-free formula.

Very mild tasting.

Box of 12.

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Mouthwash-friendly toothpaste

Chlorhexidine concentration: 0.09%. Also features Hyaluronic Acid. Perio Plus+ Support toothpaste eliminates the foaming agent SLS and so does not impair the effect of Chlorhexidine in mouthwash.


Perio Plus+ Support toothpaste with CHX 0.09% and CITROX?/P formula (75 ml)

Active ingredients

  • Chlorhexidine 0.09% for proven chemical control of bacteria
  • CITROX? & Polylysine for additional long-term protection against bacteria and viruses
  • Sodium Fluoride to protect against decay.
  • As an SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free solution, Perio Plus+ Support toothpaste is ideal for use in conjunction with any Perio Plus+ mouth rinse, protecting teeth and gums from oral disease.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to accelerate regeneration
  • Xylitol for a pleasant taste, to protect against caries and ensure strong teeth
  • PVP-VA for a highly effective protective film over the teeth, gums and mucosa
  • Without sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) to ensure long-lasting effect
  • No alcohol

Good flavour, no impact on taste

Perio Plus+ tastes good, thanks to CITROX? and the flavouring developed by the flavour experts at Givaudan. Furthermore, Perio Plus+ does not have any impact on your sense of taste ? from orange juice to pizza, everything tastes as it should.

uth ulcers. Enzycal toothpastes contain considerably fewer essential oils than standard toothpastes. Only enough to stay fresh-tasting without affecting taste.